Urban concept for Block 39

Year: 2011
Location: Belgrade, Republic of Serbia


Client: Republic of Serbia
Object: Competition for the Centre for promotion of science 
Mission realized: Preliminary project
Professional role:
Sustainable architectural and structural project: Arch. Maria Irene Cardillo
Team project: Studio Architettura MICardillo
Bioclimatic project: Prof. Arch. Mario Grosso (Politecnico di Torino, Italia)

Science, geometry and clear design concept communication are the bases for a building that shall disseminate scientific culture and exploratory curiosity from early ages to adults. The challenge was then to entrust the system to the communication ability of three parallelepipeds and one sphere for the first stage of conceptual analysis. A matted partial coating, a Solarwall®, with an high energetic and technologic value, wraps the corner of the complex, surrounds and delimits the formal composition of the site, defining in its presence, the sustainable valence of the project.The buildings planned for the Science and Art Campus follow a coherent southern exposition for solar collecting and exploitation for energy production entrusted to the facades that become bioclimatic greenhouse for energy up taking.

The future Science and Art Campus Park is conceived as a main central pedestrian area for pedestrian access, serving all activities held inside Block 39. On a common platform in different buildings, the four foregone University Faculties parts are foreseen to be for the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, the Faculty of Organizational science, the Faculty of Physics and the Faculty of Mathematics with the Secondary School center for about 1.000 pupils, the Gymnasium of Mathematics.

The three specialized Research Institutes like the Centre for Materials, the Nano Science and Supercomputing Centre are combined in an unique building set in axis with the Science Institute. All these buildings are expected to be raised in height.

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