Taichung City Cultural Center

Year: 2013
Location: Taichung, Taiwan

Client: Municipality of Taichung
Object: Public Library
           Final Arts Museum
Mission realized: Preliminary project
Professional role:
Sustainable architectural and structural project: Arch. Maria Irene Cardillo
Team project: Studio Architettura MICardillo

CCC Taichung City Cultural Center will comprise a public library and fine arts museum -  the cultural flagships of a city-into one area, synergizing art, education and recreation in one location. The vision of our project is to symbolise a double based growing unique building.

The concept is to represent the culture as a unique concept that will remain in the imagination of the viewer, as an emblem symbol of the city of Taichung. This project answer  the need to integrate parkland landscape to form a key cultural landmark and an entryway gesture into Taichung Gateway Park.

In accordante to the Importance of Gold in Taiwan Cultur as it was considered a lucky sign, the significance of gold makes the golden colour a very important part of national culture. Gold items are considered to be a great gift. In the Chinese culture, the golden colour as well as gold are considered to be an earthly element and are a representation of wealth in the Chinese Four Pillars of Destiny.

For this reason, the project proposes a dynamic and organic building that offers a fascinating visual impact. With its elliptical geometry of rotation superimposed platforms, defines a building that becomes an important gateway to Taichung Gateway Park. The building offers a variety of perspectives' views given by the geometry that does not include a main front, but wants to propose a reading of 360 °. It can become a symbol of an urban setting in evolution, a symbol of urban significance for Taichung to be an emblematic center of culture.


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